Sunday, 10. April 2022 / 13:00 | DJ Set & Generative Soundinstallation & Konzert & sound performance

come bye bye weekends: taimashoe (ch), suntka rinke (de), dj marcelle (nld)

Saturday, 9. April 2022 / 19:00 | DJ Set & Konzert & sound performance

come bye bye: méryll ampe (fr), nicolas buzzi (ch), dj fred hystère (oor)

Friday, 8. April 2022 / 19:00 | DJ Set & sound performance

come bye bye weekends: black pitch (zaf/uga/irn), dj i-vye, dj fez momo (oor)

Friday, 1. April 2022 / 19:00 | DJ Set & Konzert & Listening Performance

come bye bye weekends: martina berther (ch), anuk schmelcher (ch), dj vers (oor)

Saturday, 9. January 2021 / 12:00 | Live Performance Streaming & Record Release

«Live Show» – Ian Wooldridge & Li Tavor (UK/CH)

Monday, 28. September 2020 / 19:00 | sound performance

abgesagt: jmo (ch), souharce (ch)

Saturday, 14. March 2020 / 19:00 | DJ Set & sound performance

sukitoa o namau (mar), ex levent (zh)

Sunday, 15. December 2019 / 19:30 | Quadrophonic Live-Set & Sound Lecture

une soirée psychoacoustic dedicated to maryanne amacher: thomas ankersmit (nld/de), jessica ekomane (fr/de)

Wednesday, 6. November 2019 / 12:00 | buchpräsentation & Lecture & Screening & Sonic Lecture

fink&friends presents: yuzuru agi (jp) – 0g (zero gauge) with shin akiyama (jp)

Sunday, 3. November 2019 / 20:00 | Listening Performance & sound performance

matana roberts (nyc), robert aiki aubrey lowe (nyc), sofia jernberg (swe/eth)

OOR Saloon presents:

Matana Roberts (NYC)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (NYC)
Sofia Jernberg (SWE/ETH)

03.11.2019, Walcheturm Zureich
Doors: 20:00
Shows: 20:30

Matana Roberts (NYC)
«At my artistic core, I am firmly dedicated to creating a unique and very personal experiential body of sound work that speaks to, and reminds people of all walks of life to reach, stand up, give voice, regardless of difference, created from mere labels of intellectual classification. In my ideal world the idea of ‘difference’, is an illusion designed only for the purpose of modern economic division and elitist intellectual hierarchy. Through my life’s work, I stand creatively in defiance.»

Matana Roberts is an internationally renowned composer, band leader, saxophonist, sound experimentalist and mixed-media practitioner. Roberts works in many contexts and mediums, including improvisation, dance, poetry, and theater. She made two records as a core member of the Sticks And Stones quartet in the early 2000s and has gone on to release a diverse body of solo and ensemble work under her own name on Constellation and Central Control over the past decade. She is perhaps best known for her acclaimed Coin Coin project, a multi-chapter work of «panoramic sound quilting» that aims to expose the mystical roots and channel the intuitive spirit-raising traditions of American creative expression while maintaining a deep and substantive engagement with narrativity, history, community and political expression within improvisatory musical structures. Constellation began documenting the Coin Coin project in 2011 and has released the first three of a projected twelve album-length chapters to date.
The third chapter of Coin Coin, entitled river run thee and released on Constellation on February 2014, found Roberts constructing a sound art tapestry from field recordings, loop and effects pedals, and spoken word recitations, alongside her saxophone and singing voices. Coin Coin Chapter Three: river run thee could arguably be considered first and foremost a vocal work, and notwithstanding its experimental and esoteric structure, a deeply narrative work as well. Not unlike 2013’s Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile, the new chapter unfolds as an uninterrupted album-length flow, this time in what Roberts calls «a fever dream» of sonic material, woven in surrealist fashion.
A self-taught mixed media composer, the Chicago-raised and New York City-based Roberts earned two degrees in performance from a smattering of American institutions but received her main training from free arts programs in the American Public School System. She is a past member of the Black Rock Coalition (BRC) and the The Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM). She has been a Van Lier Fellow, a Brecht Forum Fellow, a Copeland Fellow, a Jazz Makes Fellow, an ICASP fellow, a 2013 FCA fellow and a seven-time Alpert Award In The Arts nominee, receiving the award in 2014. She has been invited to teach, lecture, run workshops and/or take up artistic residencies in countless places under diverse conditions and with diverse communities over the past decade and is a past faculty member of the Banff Creative Music Workshop, School for Improvised Music, and Bard College MFA, where she was co-chair of the Music and Sound Department 2011-12. Roberts won the Doris Duke Impact Award in 2014.
Roberts has played with and alongside Rob Mazurek, Myra Melford, Vijay Iyer, Roscoe Mitchell, Greg Tate, Nicole Mitchell, Henry Grimes, Kyp Malone, Meshell Ndegeocello, Jayne Cortez, Seb Rochford, Fred Anderson, Latasha Diggs, George Lewis, Tyshawn Sorey, David Berhman, Pauline Oliveros, Reg E. Gaines, Daniel Givens, Savion Glover, Anthony Braxton, Kid Lucky, Liberty Ellman, Amina Claudine Meyers, Jeff Parker, Handsome Furs, Robert Mitchell, Quest Love, Julius Hemphill Sextet, Merce Cunningham, Moor Mother, Joe Maneri, Beans, Bill T Jones, Josh Abrams, Chad Taylor, Dave Douglas and John Herndon among many others. She has recorded as a guest musician with rock, pop and electronic groups as diverse as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, TV On The Radio, Savath & Savalas, Thee Silver Mt. Zion, and performance artists My Barbarian.


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (NYC)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe is an artist and composer that works with voice and modular synthesizer for sound in the realm of spontaneous music. Along with analog video synthesis works, he has brought forth an A/V proposal that has been a focus of live performance and installation/exhibition.
The marriage of synthesis and the voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analogue modular synthesis echoes the organic nature of vocal expression which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state.
Lowe’s works on paper tend towards human relations to the natural/magical world and the repetition of motifs.
Through collaboration Robert has worked with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Sabrina Ratté, Rose Lazar, Nicolas Becker, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Tarek Atoui, Philippe Parreno, Evan Calder Williams, Ariel Kalma, Susie Ibarra, YoshimiO, Alexandra Wolkowicz, Biba Bell, ADULT., Hildur Guđnadóttir, and Rose Kallal, as well as many others.
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Sofia Jernberg (SWE/ETH)
is a Swedish experimental singer, composer, improviser and performer, born in Ethiopia 1983. She grew up in Ethiopia, Vietnam and Sweden.
One of her deepest interests as a singer is to explore the «instrumental» possibilities of the voice. Her singing vocabulary includes sounds and techniques that often contradict a conventional singing style. She has dug deep into non verbal vocalizing, split tone singing, pitchless singing and distorted singing.

Music theater/Contemporary Opera:
She has performed several staged music theater pieces like Arnold Schönberg’s ”Pierrot Lunaire”, Salvatore Sciarrinos "Lohengrin”. Composers have written roles especially with her in mind like in Emily Hall’s ”Folie à Deux and Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s ”UR:”.
Currently she is working with a new contemporary chamber opera work, premiering Autumn 2019 at Royal Opera House in Copenhagen, together with Cia Rinne, Henrik Strindberg and Louise Beck. Sofia will both compose and perform in this opera.

Visual Art:
She has performed together with visual artist Camille Norment and was part of her piece ”Rapture” (Venice Biennale 2015) and ”Lull” (Festspillene i Bergen 2016).
She is featured as a singer in an 80 minute cinematic work, ”Union of the North”, by Matthew Barney, Erna Ómarsdóttir and Valdimar Jóhannsson.
She is central, as the only singer/performer/human on screen, in an audiovisual work by visual artist Kristina Norman and composer Märt - Matis Lill exhibited in Tallin art museum in feb 2018.

As a composer she has been commissioned by Barents composer orchestra, Swedish Radio P2, Stockholm Jazz Festival, Trondheim jazz orchestra, vocal ensemble Oslo 14, Klang - Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival, BANFF - Center for arts and creativity, The Gothenburg Combo and various chamber ensembles.

As a teacher in singing and composition she has been part of faculty at BANFF - Center for arts and creativity contemporary music summer curse 2017. She has given lectures/workshops at several Universities around Europe.

Selection of active bands:
Electric Daisy (Kim Myhr, David Stackenäs, Christian Wallumrød, Jernberg), Solo (voice solo, Jernberg), Fire! Orchestra, The End (Kjetil Møster, Mats Gustafsson, Anders Hana, Greg Saunier, Jernberg), Trondheim Jazz Orchester Sofia Jernberg and Olav Mjelva, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra Espen Reinertsen, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra Ole Morten Vågan, Mette Rasmussen/Sofia Jernberg duo, Lene Grenager/Sofia Jernberg duo, Alexander Hawkins/Sofia Jernberg duo, Peter Evans/Sofia Jernberg duo, PAAVO, The New Songs

Unfortunately YATTA had to cancel their europe-tour because of health issues. We wish them all the best and hope to see and hear them in zürich very soon in the future!

Saturday, 31. August 2019 / 19:00 | Listening Performance & sound performance

oor saloon + hallow ground present: marja ahti (fin) n0n+ (zh)

Thursday, 30. May 2019 / 19:00 | buchpräsentation & Discussion & Listening Performance

salomé voegelin – the political possibility of sound: fragments of listening

Wednesday, 15. May 2019 / 15:00 | collective listening & Performance & Textproduktion

notizen zur schallplatte 04 – anne käthi wehrli (zh)

Wednesday, 8. May 2019 / 15:00 | collective listening & Performance & Textproduktion

notizen zur schallplatte 03 – anne käthi wehrli (zh)

Wednesday, 24. April 2019 / 15:00 | collective listening & Performance & Textproduktion

notizen zur schallplatte 02 – anne käthi wehrli (zh)

Wednesday, 17. April 2019 / 15:00 | collective listening & Performance & Textproduktion

notizen zur schallplatte 01 – anne käthi wehrli (zh)

Saturday, 16. March 2019 / 14:00 | Generative Soundinstallation & Release

kilchhofer (ch, marionette) & anklin (ch)

Saturday, 2. March 2019 / 19:00 | sound performance

nina garcia (fr) & maria bertel (dnk); antoine chessex (ch); dj na-ah (zh)

Thursday, 11. October 2018 / 19:00 | buchpräsentation & DJ Set & Konzert & Lesung

hans-christian dany: ma-1 - mode & uniform / supersonic shockwaves (nikki buzzi, li tavor, martina buzzi)

Wednesday, 26. September 2018 / 19:00 | Screening

salam godzilla – gilles aubry

Thursday, 19. July 2018 / 00:00 | Discussion & Live Radio Show & Talk & Workshop

claim the waves - feministische radiotage

Saturday, 17. March 2018 / 12:00 | DJ Set & Perfromative Sonic Talk

oor saloon und taktlos präsentieren: matana roberts (us) & sinethemba twalo (sa)

Thursday, 26. October 2017 / 18:30 | collective listening & DJ Set & Performance & sound performance

Bla*Sh & OOR Saloon present: REMEMBER SHE* LOVES
With: Sassy Black (US), TRA (SA), Amina Abdulkadir (CH), Scarlett (CH), youngseptember (SA) & Bla*Sh

Saturday, 7. October 2017 / 21:00 | DJ Set & sound performance

phew (jp), stefan schneider (de) , papiro (ch/it), na-ah & fred hystère (oor)

Saturday, 9. September 2017 / 15:00 | DJ Set & Performance

we* the third ear – 3 jahre ooor!

Thursday, 1. June 2017 / 20:00 | Performance & sound performance

sarah davachi (cnd), caterina barbieri (it), gea brown (it)

Saturday, 1. April 2017 / 19:00 | DJ Set & Release & sound performance

präsens editionen & zweikommasieben präsentieren: robert turman (us), martina lussi (ch), guyus (ch)

Saturday, 28. January 2017 / 16:00 | DJ Samstag & DJ Set

dj-samstag mit doug shipton (uk, finders keepers)

Friday, 6. January 2017 / 19:00 | collective listening & sound performance

alexander tuchaček: radio ansteckende symbiosen – reprogrammierung des empfindens 2.0.

Sunday, 18. December 2016 / 12:00 | buchpräsentation & fink & friends presents & installation

tria (beijing/zh), liang hao (beijing) & sonntagsverkauf!!!!

Saturday, 12. November 2016 / 19:00 | collective listening & Radio Play & sound performance

miki yui (jp/de), marc matter (de)

Saturday, 5. November 2016 / 14:00 | buchpräsentation & sound performance

a day with the greatest & the chiara izzy quartett (it/ch)

Saturday, 15. October 2016 / 19:00 | DJ Set & Performance & sound performance

an unhappy evening with maya dunietz (isr), evan ifekoya (uk), akw (zh), li tavor & moni schori (zh)

Friday, 16. September 2016 / 19:30 | DJ Set & sound performance

tsembla (fin/swe), dj eazzy honey (hallo echo, lu)

Saturday, 10. September 2016 / 12:00 | DJ Set & Performance & Release & sound performance & Tape Set

2 years oor 4 the 1st time!

Wednesday, 10. August 2016 / 12:00 | DJ Set & oor zu gast

oor saloon spins at radio lora dj marathon

Friday, 22. July 2016 / 18:00 | collective listening & DJ Set & Performance & Release & sound performance & Talk

amal alhaag, maria guggenbichler (sideroom), anna frei (oor saloon), romy rüegger präsentieren:
speaks with silence

Saturday, 21. May 2016 / 19:30 | DJ Set & sound performance

fezayafirar (ist/zh) & dj raw shan (zh)

Thursday, 12. May 2016 / 19:30 | DJ Set & Konzert

zayk (zh) & dj soult (zh)

Thursday, 7. April 2016 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

backbonebooks (de/mx)

Tuesday, 5. April 2016 / 19:30 | sound installation & sound performance

rie nakajima (jp) pierre berthet (be) – dead plants & living objects

Wednesday, 30. March 2016 / 19:30 | oor zu gast & Performance & sound performance

oor saloon & uto kult presents: who takes the rap

Friday, 18. March 2016 / 20:00 | sound installation & sound performance

spettra (lisa lurati & björn magnusson, zh)

Thursday, 11. February 2016 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

marion ritzmann (zh) – fortsetzung folgt

Wednesday, 3. February 2016 / 13:30 | collective noise action

dub-down the willküre! – sirenen gegen die entrechtung

Sunday, 20. December 2015 / 15:00 | Labelpräsentation

travel by goods records (hamburg)

Wednesday, 2. December 2015 / 15:27 | Release & sound performance

bit-tuner (zh) – a bit of light

Wednesday, 25. November 2015 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

mathew kneebone (be) – light bulb moments

Wednesday, 21. October 2015 / 12:00 | oor zu gast

oor at nectar – 2nd tbilisi triennal, georgia

Friday, 18. September 2015 / 18:00 | Labelpräsentation & sound performance

das andere selbst (berlin) präsentiert: delmore fx (live), multitasking (live)

Wednesday, 9. September 2015 / 17:00 | DJ Set & Performance & sound performance

1 year oor saloon!

Monday, 31. August 2015 / 19:00 | Release & sound performance

anaheim (zh) – «gone west» & «gone fishing»

Friday, 21. August 2015 / 20:00 | DJ Set & sound performance & Tape Set

diskant invites oor saloon to salon des amateurs

Friday, 10. July 2015 / 22:00 | DJ Set & oor zu gast & sound performance

beatrice dillon (uk), uom (zh), fred hystère (zh), sharonfromafrica (sa/zh)

Wednesday, 1. July 2015 / 14:00 | fink & friends presents

sailor press (se) und magnus thierfelder / carl lindh (se)

Friday, 5. June 2015 / 19:00 | DJ Set & Lesung

palace st.gallen zu gast im oor saloon

Wednesday, 3. June 2015 / 20:00 | DJ Set & Labelpräsentation & Lecture & Talk

volker zander/apparent extent (de) – making public records

Wednesday, 29. April 2015 / 16:00 | fink & friends presents

fucking good art (nl) – early anarchist publishing, archives and art

Friday, 24. April 2015 / 19:30 | Labelpräsentation & sound performance

diatribes, d'incise & cyril bondi (genf)

Wednesday, 15. April 2015 / 19:00 | Labelpräsentation & musical reading

pulver & asche records (chiasso)
, zeno gabaglio & alan alpenfelt (ti)

Thursday, 9. April 2015 / 16:00 | fink & friends presents

daniela keiser (zh), nadine olonetzky (zh) – bergen

Thursday, 26. March 2015 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

humboldt books (it) presents: invernomuto (it) – negus

Saturday, 14. March 2015 / 20:00 | oor zu gast & sound performance

oor saloon & hula honeys present: the durian brothers (de) & papiro (it/bs)

Thursday, 5. March 2015 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

till velten
 (de) – sprechen über demenz

Friday, 12. December 2014 / 19:00 | Release & sound performance

golden disko ship (de, spezialmaterial)

Saturday, 6. December 2014 / 18:00 | sound performance

none of them (nice try records/zh)

Tuesday, 4. November 2014 / 18:00 | DJ Set & DJ Talk

dj marcelle (nld) – spins in the oor window

Thursday, 30. October 2014 / 18:00 | buchpräsentation & collective listening & Lecture

gilles aubry (ch) – the amplification of souls

Saturday, 25. October 2014 / 19:00 | Konzert & sound performance

andrea parkins (us) – broken acts

Saturday, 4. October 2014 / 14:00 | buchpräsentation & DJ Set

hans christian dany – disco auf der suche nach dem glück

Thursday, 25. September 2014 / 19:00 | fink & friends presents

monika sennhauser – gleichungen in intervallen