oor edition nr. 05

tra – the book of the dead
zine & digital album download

TRA – The Book of the Dead
Zine & Digital Album Download

The Book of the Dead is a collection of songs, feelings and ideas inspired by the Ancient Egyptian funerary texts called «the book of the dead». These ancient texts are described as «a collection of spells which enable the soul of the deceased to navigate the afterlife». TRA re-imagines this inversely through lessons and «spells» she has learned from the dead to navigate this life.

South African vocalist, songwriter and beat maker TRA has worked on beats and vocals for others but recently started exploring and creating her own music. TRA’s music is a reflection of the many places and spaces she inhabits literally and figuratively. With influences of jazz, traditional Xhosa singing and different styles of electronic music.
The Book of the Dead was officially released as oor edition nr. 5, a printed edition zine with digital download at OOR Saloon. The programme included an introduction to the ideas and concepts of the project, a live-set by TRA, guest performances and interpretations of TRA Songs by Zainab and Sianur, a special Spoken Word-DJ Set by Khe and a DJ Set by Fred Hystère.