we* the third ear – 3 jahre ooor!

sarah davachi (cnd), caterina barbieri (it), gea brown (it)

sounds of silence – the most intriguing pieces of silence in the history of the recording industry, patrice caillet

salon bastarde & oor saloon present: soundmythen vol.1: afrodrexciya

moor mother (black quantum futurism, us), nidia minaj (príncipe discos, pt/fr), dj stix (sa), fred hystère (ch)

egyptian female experimental music session (cairo) & dj sharonfromafrica (oor, sa/zh) & eazzy honey (oor, lu)

präsens editionen & zweikommasieben präsentieren: robert turman (us), martina lussi (ch), guyus (ch)

oto nove swiss: valentina magaletti (uk/it), don’t dj (de), gilles aubry (ch), pure mania (ch/uk/cnd), fred hystère (ch)

oor saloon & walcheturm presents: peter zinovieff & lucy railton (uk)

oor saloon @ gastrecht palace presents: a polyrhythmic soirée with: mohammad reza mortazavi (irn/de), beatrice dillon (uk), don’t dj (de)