Friday, 22. May 2020 / 22:00 | DJ Set & sound performance

abgesagt wegen corona: kopy (jp, tal records), tentenko (jp, tal records), vivian wang (sgp), fred hystère (oor, zh), tba

Kopy (JP, Tal Records)
For a few years now Kopy has been an unpredictable and charismatic part of the vital electronic music scene of Osaka. She has quickly garnered a reputation for creating her live sets exclusively with borrowed electronic equipment. Her name KOPY very much originates from this "concept".
Apart from a few performances at Düsseldorfs famous nightspot SALON DES AMATEURS, she has been invited by LENA WILLIKENS to her showcase at the MEAKUSMA FESTIVAL in 2018. Her sinister dancefloor mystique is heavily steeped in the free spirited noise and rhythm cultures of her hometown.

Tenktenko (JP, Tal Records)
Tentenko is a Tokyo-based electronic music producer. Her career began in 2013 when she joined the mainstream idol group BiS. Immediately after her departure from BIS in 2014 she commenced work on her solo project under her artist name TENTENKO. Since then she has radically reinvented her music away from glossy J-POP towards weird and industrial rooted dancefloor. TENTENKO first made a name for herself on the alternative japanese music scene with a steady flow of live performances as well as collaborations with members of the legendary Japanese noise band HIJOKAIDAN.

Vivian Wang (SGP)
Southeast Asian composer, sound artist and musician Vivian Wang, studied Balinese music and is a founding member of experimental rock group The Observatory. She explores intermediate spaces, and works across a range of sonic intersections in art, culture and space. Her main instruments are synth, keyboard, voice, and prepared objects.
Vivian has toured extensively in Europe, USA, China, Southeast Asia, and Japan. Her collaborators include sound artist Tarek Atoui and Norwegian artist Lasse Marhaug, most recently as the voice in Marhaug's film Something Must Happen. Having expanded her compositional practice, she created a 12 speaker sound installation Priests & Programmers, which was featured at the inaugural Sharjah Architecture Triennial 2019. Her current activities include sound-related research, as well as composition and sound design for film and new media. Vivian tags Robert Wyatt, Delia Derbyshire, Broadcast as all time musical heroes.
Wang is best known for her collaboration with Norwegian artist Jenny Hval, appearing on The Practice of Love, the album and the performance tour. She also writes regularly for theatre, film and video art, and is released on Utech Records as ARCN TEMPL.

Friday, 29. May 2020 / 19:00 | sound performance

jmo (ch), souharce (ch)